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Known for working to end preventable blindness, Lions participate in a vast variety of projects important to their communities. These projects range from cleaning up local parks to providing supplies to victims of natural disasters.

Founded in Chicago, Illinois in 1917, Lions Clubs International association has provided millions of people with the opportunity to give something back to their communities.  Lions Clubs are the world's largest service organization and not a fraternal organization.

As Virginia Lions, we volunteer our time and efforts to our humanitarian causes throughout our district and the State of Virginia. By conducting service projects and raising funds, we strive  to help to meet the need - to meet the need wherever it exists: locally or internationally  throughout the world community.   Lions speak many different languages and profess many religious and political beliefs; however, they all subscribe to common objectives and ethical principles. In District 24D  who we are  is similar to districts around the world.  The Lions' motto is "We Serve."

About our club: The Southside Lions Club was chartered on April 12, 1948 with 26 members and now has a membership of 58.  The club has provided two District Governors:  Louis L. Dillon (1957-1958) and Dick Knox (2006-2007).

The Southside Lions Club has a strong history in community involvement and was the first organization in Virginia to sponsor the Juvenile Court Conference Committee.  When Chesapeake General Hospital was getting "off the ground"  the club committed $15,000 to that campaign.  In 1994, the club inducted its first women members, Lion Connie L. Perkins and Lion Sharon Stone.  Now there are 17 women in the club.

The club recently celebrated its 65th anniversary at Traditions at Las Gaviotas.

Southside Lions Club sponsored the Virginia Beach Bayside Lions Club on September 4, 1951.

The Southside Lions Club holds several fund raising activities throughout the year in order to fund our sight and hearing programs as well as other needed services in our community in addition to national and international crisis relief to help those in greatest need.  We also provide volunteers for local service activities to better our community.  Please visit our  Activities  and Service Projects pages to find out more about these projects.
Note from the webmaster:  Although sight and hearing remain primary, todayís Lions clubs, maybe due to the sheer number of clubís and members, have diversified into areas that I would never have associated with Lions until I became a member.  Some of these you should know about if you are already a Lion and read your District newsletter and your International magazine, but Iím going to list them anyway-did you know about these official Lions programs?
International Peace Poster Contest-Grand Prize awarded during Lions Day at the United Nations
Lions Quest (Youth Drug & Alcohol Prevention, Character Education, Social & Emotional Learning, Service Learning)
  Lions Cultural Program-celebrate culture and improve the community:  art festivals, talent shows, International Nights, historical restoration projects
  Lions Environment Program-preserve the air, water and land of the planet Earth:  adopt a park, create a recycling center, plant a tree, community clean-up day.  There is even an Environmental Photo Contest that anyone can enter to showcase the beauty of nature.

    These, of course, are in addition to the Grant Program that provides national and international humanitarian aid and disaster assistance, and partnerships like Habitat for Humanity and The Carter Center.

Lion Sharene Nolan
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Why I Am a Lion . . .By Joe Lawson

I am a Lion-you ask me, ďWhy?Ē
My first reply must be,
ďWith the efforts of many others
I help the blind to see.Ē

Children who might have to walk
The earth with wide unseeing eyes,
Never knowing the beauties of
The flowers, birds, and butterflies,
And never see a crimson sunset
Nor the different greens of the trees;
Itís good to be a Brother Lion
And know Iím helping one of these.

Parents who are handicapped
By the tragic loss of sight,
Canít properly care for their families
Without the benefit of light;
Their problem might be corrected
But thereís a lack of adequate funds;
The Lions anticipate the need
And once again the job is done.

There is aid for the underprivileged
As well as the lame and the blind,
My aspiration as a Lion is To be a brother to all mankind;
And by working with fellow members
In doing what needs to be done,
More is accomplished collectively
Than I can ever do alone.

Yes.  I belong to the Lionís Club
And I have told you why, in part,
Its motivating power is compassion-
Itís an organization with HEART.
Our next White Cane event and Broom Sale will this held in April 2014 at the College park ABC Store on Military Hwy and SAMS Club on Battlefield.  
Please send an e-mail to the Webmaster if you would like a broom now.